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Medloop does care for your comfort and safety regarding medical credentialing services. With years of experience in credentialing and verifying professionals’ qualifications, we are obliged to deliver good solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in efficient credentialing and streamlining their credentialing process. We are super conscious of helping our clients with seamless insurance enrollment. We provide a complete package of services including verification of credentials of officials, license monitoring, source verification, and other essential services!

Credentialing Services

Our Medical Credentialing Services

We have designed our medical credentialing services to assist healthcare staff with credentialing and verification. Our services allow healthcare providers to give their patients the best care. As you know, medical credentialing is a complicated process that includes verifying healthcare workers’ experience and qualifications to ensure better patient care. Our team will give you comprehensive guidance about the medical credentialing process. If your requirement is only guidance, we can provide it to you. 

You only need to contact our staff. Our staff will provide you with the required guidance. You can contact us when you need advice and support about medical credentialing. We also repeatedly offer medical credentialing for an individual or an organization. Medical credentialing needs to be done every three to four years. That’s why we often provide medical credentialing facilities for our clients. The trust of our clients is our priority.

Credentialing Services

Unmatched Services Tailored for You

Renewal and Maintenance

As you know, many areas of the medical field require renewal of credentialing information. Renewal ensures that medical officials get updated news about credentialing in their field. Our company updates information about credentialing so that the medical workers can get updated information.

Medicare and Medicaid Providers Enrollment

Our company will assist you in enrolling in Medicare and Medicaid. We will tell you the whole enrollment process in these two programs so that you can get their services if you are eligible.

NPI Registration ( Type one and type two)

We can also manage the National Provider Identifier Numbers registration process for types 1( Individual providers) and 2 (Organizations).

Hospital Privileges

Hospital privileges application is necessary to get authority to treat and diagnose the patients. Medloop will assist you in submitting a hospital privileges application. We will streamline the process, ensuring transparency.

CAQH Registration and Maintenance

Registration with CAQH is a time-consuming process. Medloop has a directly integrated registration portal by which you can quickly complete your CAQH registration.

MCR DMEPOS Enrollment

Medloop tries to simplify the process of your enrollment at DMEPOS and MCR. By enrolling at DMEPOS, you can gain access to essential medical equipment.

Contract Negotiation

Medloop has comprehensive contract negotiation services. It will assist you by telling you about maximum revenue opportunities and will help you navigate contract negotiation.

Reimbursement Issues Audit

Medloop revolutionizes the reimbursement audit process by offering you customized audit templates. We also have checklists and workflows for you, which will streamline your process.

DEA Certificate & Renewal

We have an online application portal on Medloop for the Drug Enforcement Administration, which will help you get the certificate, and you can also get help in renewing your certificate.

CLIA Registration

Medloop can assist its clients in registering their laboratories with Clinical Laboratory improvement amendments. These standards will allow you to test human specimens.

ReCredentialing and Revalidation

We also have an opportunity to provide credentials and re-credentials to give our customers the best facilities. We do a quick review of credentialing to carry out credentialing. This is done to maintain the active status of medical professionals.

Providers State License

If you are a healthcare provider and want a state license, come to us. We will assist you in getting a state license. Our devoted team will help you to get a state license by streamlining the process of it.

Commercial Insurance Credentialing

We also assist our clients in getting involved in commercial insurance credentialing services. They can get reimbursement for their previous services by getting involved in commercial insurance services.

Commercial Insurance Credentialing

You can contact us to learn more about our medical credentialing services and their procedures. We are here to assist you in the complex medical credentialing process so that you can practice in a well-known institution.

We have a team of experts who diligently carry out the credentialing process.

Credentialing Services

Credentialing Services in USA

Credentialing services in USA play an essential role in the medical field. Medical Credentialing in USA lets individuals abide by the rules and laws imposed by the government. In the USA, government agencies usually check and monitor the licenses and qualifications of healthcare professionals. Some professional agencies or organizations give certifications to healthcare professionals. There are government committees that oversee all of this process. Credentialing Services in USA are done to ensure betterment to patients and their safety. 

Key Steps of Credentialing Services In USA

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First, the healthcare official who wants credentialing will submit his credentialing application along with the required documents to the organization doing the credentialing process.

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Primary Source Verification

Organizations carrying out the credentialing process do primary source verification by contacting the institutions in which the individual is working or has studied.

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Peer review

Once a person's documents are credentialed, the organization will conduct a peer review to confirm whether the credentialing process is fair or has been done without any bias.

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Credentialing is done repeatedly after different time intervals, which is called re-credentialing. Re-credentialing is done to check whether individuals still meet the legislation requirements.

Providers Credentialing Services

We have designed our comprehensive services to ensure the seamless solution to the complex credentialing procedure. We always empower healthcare professionals by simplifying the credentialing procedure. The credentialing process is time-consuming and lengthy so that we will lessen the complexity of this procedure.

Credentialing Services

Our Top-Notch Providers Credentialing Services

We handle every aspect of the billing cycle, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from coding to claims submission, adeptly managing rejections, payment posting, denial management, claim appeals, and AR follow-up. Our commitment extends beyond services; it’s about providing peace of mind and reliability at every stage of your revenue cycle.Experience the power of our unique custom software, a game-changer designed to pre-program all your codes and CCI edit rules, eliminating human errors and minimizing denials. With 24/7 access, this innovative tool empowers your practice, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your billing processes.

Credentialing and Contracting

We will help you to expand your patient reach with our providers credentialing services. Our credentialing experts will assist you in streamlining your enrollment process, which will increase your revenue.

PECOS and CAQH Registration

We also have PECOS and CAQH registration services. We update and create their portals. We also address issues in contracting and our specialists maintain data integrity by doing regular audits.

Customized Solutions

Our providers credentialing services offer customized solutions for everyone. As you know, every healthcare organization and institute has different needs and requirements. To meet these needs and requirements.

Initial Credentialing

First of all, we offer initial credentialing services in USA. These services are also for new healthcare providers. We initialize it with collecting the documents and finalize with submitting applications to the concerned insurance companies.

Software in the Credentialing Process

The use of artificial intelligence is necessary for the credentialing process. We use secure and safe software to carry out credentialing processes so that the process can be streamlined and time can be saved. So if you want a quick service, you can contact us.

Compliance and Monitoring

We have automated monitoring systems and alerts, which we use to ensure timely updates. We monitor the credentials of users to ensure transparency and avoid any bias.

Follow-up Procedures

Our providers credentialing services ensure a proper follow-up procedure. This follow-up procedure will streamline the enrollment process.

Medloop Key Steps For Credentialing Services


We help you to find insurance companies with which you want to collaborate.


We complete the applications of insurance companies within five working days after receiving all documentation from you.


After all applications have been received, the next step we do is follow up to ensure the next process can proceed easily.


After receiving confirmation we will tell you about insurance approvals. After that, you will be ready to see clients and bill for services.

Stand-Out Benefits Of Medloop Credentialing Services

A Centralized Approach

We use a centralized approach to carry out credentialing. A centralized process is essential to initiate the process of credentialing. We ensure that all the documents needed for these required services are received on time so that we can do the procedure on time. In this way, we streamline the credentialing process.

Utilization of Technology

Automation of the credentialing process can reduce the time required for credentialing. We utilize technology to verify your certificates, licenses, and qualifications, such as auto-scanning and electronic verification of documents.

Secure Database Management

A secure and safe database management is necessary to carry out the credentialing process. We have a secure and safe system for you. Don’t worry about the documents. Your privacy and security is our top priority. All of your information will be confidential and safe.

Credentialing Services
Credentialing Services

A Standardized Procedure

Our company follows a standardized procedure to carry out the credentialing process. A standardized approach guarantees a fair method of credentialing. We organize a list of standards and required things before doing the whole process. This feature of our credentialing process will surely impress you.

Renewal and Maintenance

As you know, many areas of the medical field require renewal of credentialing information. Renewal ensures that medical officials get updated news about credentialing in their field. Our company updates information about credentialing so that the medical workers can get updated information.

24/7 Access

The most exciting benefit of Medloopus is that you always have access to it. You can get your queries answered within no time. Our services are available 24/7 for you for sure.

Enhanced Trustworthiness

Our fair process of credentialing will promote trustworthiness. Getting verified credentials from Medloop, medical professionals, and organizations can foster their reputation.

Risk Mitigation

Our fair services can mitigate legal risks such as fines and damages related to reputation. We offer matchless services that avoid bias and reduce the risk of legal issues.

Efficiency and Expertise

We have experts who can outsource credentialing. They can assist you in outsourcing to specific credentialing firms with experience in carrying out the credentialing process.

Cost Savings

You can contact us if you own an organization and want to save the cost of hiring employees to do credentialing. We will do the process of credentialing.

Experienced Credentialing

You can get experienced credentialing by contacting us. We will provide you with experts in credentialing and years of experience in this field.

Efficiency of the Staff

You can get our outsourcing credentialing services if you are a healthcare organization. These services will free your staff from the burden of credentialing, and they will concentrate on other tasks.

Ongoing Support By Our Credentialing Specialists

We have a team of credentialing experts who streamline the process of credentialing by using their skills and professionalism. If you are an individual who is searching for credentialing services, or you own an organization that is in search of credentialing verification, please explore our website and benefit from our valuable credentialing services.

Credentialing Services

Why Choose Us?

Verification of Primary Source

We carry out a complete primary source verification to avoid any bias. It thoroughly verifies qualifications, experiences, licenses, and certificates. We use our extensive network to streamline the process of primary source verification.

For Healthcare Workers

We provide many credentialing services to our healthcare professionals. The healthcare workers working in different departments can get these services from Medloop. We also offer credentialing for healthcare providers for their enrollment in various healthcare organizations.

Customized Solutions for Organizations

Different organizations have different needs for credentialing based on their requirements, such as according to their size and industry. We offer comprehensive solutions for organizations to meet their demands. We provide credentialing services that meet our corporate clients’ goals and objectives.

Experience and Expertise

We have a team expert in credentialing. Our team has a deep understanding of the credentialing and verification process. They carry out the credentialing process according to the client’s requirements.

Personalized Support

We offer personalized support to our clients. We prefer personalized communication to ensure cooperation with our clients. Many companies offer customized support by charging extra fees. However, our credentialing services will not require an additional fee for personalized support. We address our clients with personalized attention. We understand the needs and demands of our clients by giving them personalized attention.

Quick Response

We offer quick customer support. You will not find any delay in our services and will get a fast response from our team. Immediate guidance is available to our customers to avoid any delay. You will not have to waste time searching for your required services; we will provide you with a timely service with no delay.


Most frequent questions and answers

The information needed for medical credentialing depends upon the client and the type of verification. Still, it usually requires personal information, resume, practice information, and license documents of the client.

Medicare enrollment applications usually take sixty to ninety days to complete. But these can vary in different states. Scrutiny of applications is carried out to ensure verification. The suppliers are also asked to visit the site, which is a part of the application process. The site inspector is also responsible for ensuring that the office is located at the address on the application.

You don’t need to be worried about the security of Medloop’s outsourced credentialing services. They are secure, and we use strict security protocols and regulations of privacy, which include HIPAA( Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act). This is done to protect the sensitive information of the provider.

Medicare enrollment application usually takes sixty to ninety days. This time can vary from state to state. The date at which the application was received is set as the effective date for medicare. It means doctors can bill your any visit between your application and approval. There is a grace period which consists of thirty days which enables the providers to bill for any service which is prior to the effective date. Turnaround time is more lengthy for DMEPOS suppliers. Close scrutiny of the application and site visit of the supplier  are the part of the application process. The office should be located at the address which is on the application and this is the duty of the site inspector to ensure this.

Yes, medical healthcare providers need to have a place of service before starting credentialing. You can use your home address if you are providing only telehealth services.

Yes! Medloop can make your credentialing process faster by doing constant bi weekly follow-ups with the insurance and asking for escalation.

As you know, credentialing services include verifying qualifications and services. It usually takes ninety to one twenty business days.