About Us

When Joe was in his 20’s, he landed a job in a medical billing office. A diligent worker, he learned the ropes quickly and was meticulous with everything he did. Quick-witted and smart, he absorbed daily procedures and noticed the typical pitfalls in the office every day. He realized that a wrong diagnosis code could delay payment and even result in denial of claims. Joe recognized the importance of accurate coding and billing. He invested himself in the process and really excelled at it. Medical Billing Companies, Top Medical Billing Companies New York, Best Medical Billing Company Brooklyn NY, Medical Billing Companies New York.

After years of experience, he was so familiar with the process of medical coding and billing that he decided to open his own office. He knew the downsides, mishaps and disappointment that ensued when things weren’t filed or submitted properly. He felt confident enough to establish his own company and serve doctors and medical professionals in a proficient and competent manner.

In 2008, he launched Premium Billing, a comprehensive medical billing service company that shoulders the financial burden of medical professionals. Joe is proud to offer services such as billing, coding, analyzing, credentialing services, EMR service, note dictation audit handling, and follow-up on claims.