Medloop has developed a systematic approach to medical billing. We operate on the belief that every claim should be handled professionally from submission until completion. In order to ensure that our goals are met, we pay thorough attention to every detail of the process. Our expertise helps increase a provider ’s accounts receivable to the maximum. Medloop is here to relieve practitioners and their staffs from the exhaustive burden that medical billing entails. Our track record of satisfying clients with our billing and collections services is impeccable.

We Work for Payment

Common knowledge dictates that insurance companies do not easily dispense funds. In fact, it’s in their best interest to avoid, delay or deny claims which makes it complicated to collect money from them.
But here’s the good news: Our staff at Medloop, have dealt extensively with insurance companies. We know how they operate and utilize that information to your benefit. It is our goal to collect the maximum payment possible for every unpaid claim to medical professionals. Our efforts produce better results than any in-house billing staff!

We Provide Proof

Insurance companies need documents as proof for the medical billing process. Medloop provides accurate proof of every claim for every file. It is our priority to document evidence that claims were issued on time. To guarantee the highest dividends from your claims, Medloop submits every claim to the patient’s primary and secondary insurance company—and when appropriate, to a third company, too.

We Break the Code of Successful Billing

Medical Coding is an integral part of the medical billing process. Rest assured Medloop places emphasis on professional medical coding and provides this service with expertise. In addition to comprehensive knowledge in the professional coding field, we are, thoroughly familiar with insurance plans and regulations. By ensuring that doctors’ coding of procedures performed is correct, we help submit claims accurately. This way, providers are most likely to receive payment from insurance companies in the shortest timeframe possible.


Electronic Claims Submission:

Direct electronic claims filing to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

We also file claims to secondary insurance.

Professional Coding:

We code and edit all claims for errors, avoiding delays of payment.

Workers Comp and No-fault Claims:

We have seasoned professionals to handle these special claims in the way that will produce ultimate results.

Insurance Follow-up:

We provide the important follow-through to make sure you get paid for your services.

Our job is not finished when we submit your claim.

Patient Billing and Collections &
Account Receivable Reports:

Posting payments in a timely fashion allows us to ensure timely revenue flow and produce meaningful A/R reports.