What we do

Coding and Billing

Our staff is fluent with coding for procedures and diagnoses. How is it possible for your overworked staff to jot down accurate medical codes? Even the most skilled secretaries will not have the updated information they need to code and bill successfully. Medloop employs qualified billers, who regularly develop their knowledge from the countless facilities we service. You can benefit from their expertise!

Medical coding and billing can be quite complicated and requires training and skill with which our staff is educated and updated. You can rely on Medloop to get the coding perfect so that you can get maximum payout for your treatment. Medical Insurance Coders, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Billing Solutions, Medical Billing Online Brooklyn

How does it work ?

We send out claims to primary and secondary insurance companies, reviewing information for accuracy multiple times. We also analyze coding to make sure they are correct. At the end of the day, reimbursement has everything to do with recording the right medical codes.
Often, there are new policies. Our staff keeps abreast of the most recent requirements of insurance companies to ensure rapid repayment. MedLoop also informs doctors and their staff of specific diagnosis codes to receive optimal remuneration.

In the event that your claim is denied, Medloop will fight to attain payment for your services! We determine whether rejections are related to front-desk issues, non-medical procedures or insurance companies. In addition, we will figure out from whom payment needs to be received. If an insurance company lawfully denies coverage, we will collect payment from the patient or secondary insurance holder.
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follow up

Follow Up

We follow up on claims with our own custom program tailored to our company, unparalleled to any other medical billing company. This software ensures that Medloop will consistently keep to the allotted time frame the insurance allows so that no claim is ever neglected. We know follow up is the most important part of the process. This is why software will not cut it. Human negotiation and energy to battle insurance companies on denied and outstanding claims is a very necessary component of our service.

Credentialing Services

While attaining credentials is a vital step for doctors, it could be draining. Mounds of paperwork, dizzying follow-up phone calls are not what the doctor ordered. We take the burden off your shoulders by preparing a list of required documents. We review and submit the documents for you.
We are your liaison with insurance companies. Often, a facility or doctor could lose money and the entire insurance network because they accidentally missed the deadline. When you’re hooked up with Medloop, trust them to connect with the right parties and ensure your application is processed.
Insurance companies are very busy places. Typically, they will have thousands of applications from hundreds of doctors. You can’t afford to miss their deadline. With Medloop, you can rest assured that your documents will be at the company way before the cutoff date to ascertain it gets the attention it deserves. Understandably, the insurance companies give us exceptional care as they appreciate the efficient system of our business. Our competence affects you in a very direct way, ensuring quick processing and remuneration.

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Reports: The Secret to Your Strategy

When reviewing and evaluating reports, find out where profits are coming from. Without this vital information, you are clueless about your business growth status (or lack of it!)
MedLoop compiles precise reporting for medical professionals which specifies amounts of billing, how much you actually collected plus month to month and year-to-year comparisons to enable you to make better choices for higher profits. You will evaluate collections, per procedure codes, locations, providers and per insurance durations of collections, outstanding AR reports and more—the only way your practice could achieve perfection!

EMR Service

When you work with us, you automatically receive free software which integrates with our office so that we can achieve documents immediately and bill. In this way, we eliminate errors and ease the processing system.
MedLoop warrants doctors carry out reattestation for Meaningful Use to ensure records are accurately incorporated in the EMR.
PQRS can avoid getting penalized for reattesting and not being updated in their EMR.

note didection

Note Dictation

With our specialized system, all doctors need to do after visits is to speak into an app or phone. Don’t spend hours on the computer, while sick patients are crying to their frazzled mothers! Reports will be typed and loaded into the EMR within 24 hours! Your late nights and weekends typing up medical records are OVER! Let MedLoop take over and enjoy a renewed relationship with your patients and your family!

Besides insurance payments, we dispense funds to you!

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with us that we guarantee to pay you out of pocket if you lose money!

Doctors will have the access to claims on our software 24/7.

We Service All Medical Specialties.