Dr. Miguel Cunha

Dr Mital B.Patel
January 2, 2018
Ana Couto
April 12, 2018

Medloop is an exceptional billing company. I have dealt with multiple companies unfortunately in the past and I have lost a great deal of time and money. Medloop did an analysis of my previous billing company and found that our collection rate was grossly below their average. Fortunately Medloop was actually able to appeal and collect payments not collected by my previous company and substantially increased my collections. A Biller’s job is not to just collect payment but to appeal and fight for each and every payment. Medloop goes above and beyond to make sure of this. The staff provides you with the education and guidance you need to maximize reimbursement. The staff is highly attentive, the service is impeccable, and billing always prompt. Medloop receives my highest recommendation without reservation.