Our Philosophy

Medloop, formerly Premium Billing, was established on the belief of  a strong doctor-patient connection.  We believe patients should be treated with unequivocal focused care. Doctors can be fully involved with their patients—if they place their financial obligations in our hands.

We have earned the trust of many medical professionals across the country by handling all the financial aspects of medical billing and securing cash flow.  Our system features facilitates fast payment for doctors, often within 14 business days. As soon as the necessary documents are received and entered into our data base, we get the dominoes falling.

We prepare and send claims to insurance companies and maintain contact with appropriate companies until the process is completed and payment is received.

Medloop works hard to make sure the numbers add up.  We connect with medical  providers by phone, e-mail or written correspondence, making our services convenient for everyone. Medical Billing Outsource, Health Insurance Claim Solutions, Patient Billing Specialist New York.