Not if, but when, your practice will get audited by your insurance carrier!

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December 28, 2019

Medical billing companies and aggressive medical billers can be very helpful to your practice but you also need to know that sometimes they can cause you unanticipated losses and aggravation. Doing too many corrected claims and correcting their own errors as well as aggressive fighting with insurance companies can sometimes be the min reason for an insurance company to audit your practice .When you are a medical biller or a medical billing company you have to be aggressive on collections ,but in a professional way. This is what we have seen for the last 10 years as we perform our services as an experienced collector. I will make sure to keep you under the radar!

What most medical billers don’t realize is that diagnosis codes have to be very specific and match the procedure codes. Just by using modifier’s 25 or 59 will not always be supportive enough to get the claim paid. Yes you will get your money- but this will trigger an audit down the road!

By wisely choosing MedLoop you’ll be earning twice! by having  your billing done in the most efficient  and effective way; and simultaneously avoiding heartache and aggravations on undesirable insurance audits!

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